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Best Things to Do near Creede, CO

Come enjoy world class fishing, whitewater boating, mountain biking, climbing, hiking and more!
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Rio Grande County Museum

The Rio Grande County Museum is a small museum that allows visitors to learn about local history. There are a variety of exhibits, each with unique themes, that change periodically, so you can visit again and again and learn something new. The museum is 30 minutes away by car.

Rio Grande National Forest

The Rio Grande National Forest is a family favorite because of the beautiful landscape and variety of hikes to do for any skill set. Take gorgeous photos of your family using the surrounding trees and meadows as a backdrop. Ski down the mountain in the powdery snow of Colorado. Visit one of the world’s largest high deserts in this 1.86 million acre national forest. There’s plenty to do at this awesome national park. The national forest is less than 10 minutes away from our camp by car.

Underground Mining Museum

Less than a 15-minute drive away, the Underground Mining Museum is a fun and educational way to learn about the ore and rocks found underground with your kids. Put on one of the provided headsets to get a narration of the area’s history. You can also feed local chipmunks with an on-site sunflower seed machine.
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